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"New Non-Surgical Treatment For Bulging Discs Is Now Available"

Dr. Walter Henderson, DC

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Dear Back and Neck pain sufferers,

There is some great news if you suffer from Bulging Discs, Sciatica, or Neck/Back Pain. A Non-Surgical Treatment for this difficult condition is now available in Hartford, Middlesex, and New Haven Counties. If you are looking to avoid risky surgery then please read on.

This treatment for Sciatica is called DRX9000® Decompression therapy. It's FDA cleared, has a high clinical success rate, and works on the toughest cases even when others have failed.  

To date over 1,000 patients have gone through our treatment program and the best part is the treatment is painless, non-surgical, and affordable.

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* Research on the effectiveness of Decompression therapy...And much, much more!!!

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*Patient Testimonial

*"This Was Absolutely Wonderful!"

Dr. Walter Henderson, DC

"Drx9000 Decompression Therapy is Extremely Safe and Gentle with Little To No Side Affects"

Dr. Walter Henderson, DC

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*Results Disclaimer: We do not guarantee results or promise a cure of any disease or ailment. Results will vary based on age of the person, condition, patient follow thru, damage to the spine, and many other factors. Everyone responds different to treatment. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.